The Encoder Plugin has finally reached 1.3.0!


It has been a long road from 1.1.2 to 1.3.0 now, even going through two complete rewrites and a huge amount of pre-releases and release candidates. It definitely would not have been possible without all the support I have gotten throughout developing the plugin, be it through reporting issues, using … Continue reading

Letter to AMD: What The Fuck


Hey AMD, I know you’ve been trying really hard, first with Mantle and Vulkan, then the Polaris and Vega GPU stuff, Zen and all your other GPUOpen things. But there is one thing I have to ask you and that is: What the fuck? You released a Game-Ready Driver (16.9.2) … Continue reading

Version 1.3.0pre5 of the Advanced Media Framework plugin for OBS Studio is out now!

Hey guys, it’s been a while since the last update, but now I have a brand new almost release candidate like version for you! Version 1.3.0pre5 comes with pretty new updates, such as automatic detection of proper Buffer Size in the Simple Interface, support for profile levels up to 6.2, … Continue reading

Version 1.2.0rc1 of the VCE-based Encoder Plugin for OBS Studio is out!

Hey guys, just gonna drop the news here that I’ve just uploaded a new pre-release for the plugin: Version 1.2.0rc1. You can get it here on GitHub. Until next time, – Xaymar

OBS VCE Plugin: Threading Explained

Today I’ll explain how threading works in the OBS VCE Plugin, at least starting with Version 1.2.0pre4. It is really simple but had a huge effect on performance and results. Let’s start with how things were handled before. How it was Before Before 1.2.0, the plugin was completely single-threaded: It … Continue reading

Join the AMD Revolution by encoding with your GPU in OBS Studio today!

Hey guys, I made a plugin for OBS Studio that allows you to use the AMD Media Framework h264 Encoder. It only took 21 days to make too, even if the Media SDK hasn’t been update in over a year now. You can view it here: Xaymar walking out. Wait … Continue reading

Pokemon GO PSA: Don’t download APKs or Cheats

Hey guys, gals and anything that identifies in between either, just a quick PSA here: don’t download unverified APKs, Hacks or Cheats for Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO has grown really quickly in the past few weeks, because we’ve always dreamed of actually being the trainer instead of just controlling him/her. … Continue reading