The End of 32-Bit Releases

The 64-Bit architecture has been dominating the market for Games for a while, and I don’t see the point in supporting 32-Bit anymore. The 32-Bit architecture has added nothing but problems, especially user created ones which don’t understand what a 4GB RAM limitation is, and it’s also annoying to deal with as some bugs are exclusive to 32-Bit. Read more

How To: Blur Behind a Source (Stream Effects)

Blurring “behind” a source, like shown below or here, is one of the most requested tutorials so far. It’s been requested so much that I even started recording a few video tutorials, but that’s beside the point. So how exactly did I create the effect shown below? Read more

I have a Garden. And a Camera.

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Started cleaning up my garden again as the ground isn’t frozen anymore and I can actually do work on everything again. So I took my Camera with me, and made some close (really still 80cm away) shots of things. I’m looking forward to owning an actual Macro lens for this purpose. Read more

Recreating Tilt Shift in OBS Studio using Stream Effects

The Stream Effects plugin is capable of a lot of stuff, but most of it requires that you know how to create it with the tools given to you. So today I’ll show you how to simulate Tilt Shift blur with Stream Effects! Read more

Random Stuff About Satisfactory

I’ve been playing Satisfactory for about the entire time that it’s been in Open Alpha now (and also have it preordered), and found some vaguely interesting things – from unexpected game mechanics, to really cool discoveries. Let’s take a look at what we might also see in Early Access of the game! Read more