Remnant 2: All Builds for Armor, Weapons, Rings, Amulets, etc.

Remnant 2, also known as "What Remnant: From the Ashes" should have been, is finally out and I've already finished the entire game - 5 times. It is incredibly fun and addictive, especially due to the depth of the game - not just randomly generated maps, but also a lot of layered secrets. Anyway, here are my builds that I've used so far.

Armor Builds

Armor builds will be titled with what they give to be easier to sort through. The title will be in the following format:

#W(eight) ##.#%(Damage Resistance), #Bl(eed), #F(ire), #E(lectricity), #A(cid), #B(l)i(ght)

50W, 52.9% DR, 9Bl, 7F, 1E, 2A, 8Bi

This build prioritizes Armor per point of Weight efficiency to arrive at the maximum possible armor (that I know of) for exactly 50 Weight. This preserves medium rolling, while reducing damage by about half.

Slot Item
Helmet Nightstalker Shroud
Body Armor Fae Royal Bodyplate
Leg Armor Fae Royal Greaves
Glove Armor Academic's Gloves

Equipment Builds


  • DPS: Damage per Second
  • RDPS: Ranged DPS (only affects Guns)
  • WDPS: Weakspot DPS
  • BDPS: Body DPS
  • CDPS: Critical Hit DPS
  • Crit: Critical Hit Chance
  • Range: Weapon Effectiveness Range
  • RoF: Rate of Fire

High RoF Ranged Damage Build

This is one of the builds I accidentally stumbled upon that ended up working, and has become my go-to for Apocalypse run since then. It works for any boss, though bosses that fly far away tend to require more bullets due to the distance fall off. It is recommended to take the Longshot (Hunter) trait at Level 3 or higher.

Long Gun

Of interest here are the high RoF weapons with decent Critical Hit Chance, as well as decent Weak Spot Damage Bonus. Particularly, the Blackmaw AR-47 and the Chicaco Typewriter are decent options, with the former being available much sooner than the latter.

Since we mainly focus damage here, the ideal mods are Corrosive Rounds for extra Critical Hit Chance, or Hot Shot for extra Ranged Damage. If you have Gun Mutators available, you have three choices: Refunder to maintain damage for longer, Momentum for even more Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage, and Twisting Wounds for Bleeding and +20% DPS to Bleeding targets.


The selection for Handguns is similar to Long Guns: We prefer high RoF with decent Critical Hit Chance over anything else. So far the MP60-R and Tech 22 appear to be decent options. The Mod and Mutator slots are freely assignable here, so taking utility (such as the crowd control Firestorm) should be preferred over additional damage.


Once again, this is a multiple choice selection, but this time there's only two viable options. Full Moon Circlet gives us +20% DPS when we are at full health, otherwise it gives us +3% Lifesteal for Ranged Damage. Ankh of Power gives us a flat +17% DPS increase at all times. As having less than 100% health is cringe, taking the Full Moon Circlet is the obvious choice.


If you've gotten tired of multiple choice selections, here's unfortunately another one due to some bosses having no Weakspot for most of the fight. We've got three preferred rings, and some optional rings from which you can pick one. If skillful survival isn't your thing, you can also pick none of the optional rings, which drops overall damage by about 20%.

The preferred rings are:

  • Stone of Expanse (+12% RDPS)
  • Probability Cord (+30% CDPS)
  • Burden of the Destroyer (+15% RDPS, -25% Range)

The optional rings are:

  • Zania's Malice (up to +30% WDPS)
    This is build [A] and results in roughly 1350 WDPS, with 550 BDPS.
  • Burden of the Gambler (+20% CDPS, +10% Crit, -100% WDPS)
    This is build [B] and results in roughly 800 BDPS only.
  • Stone of Balance (+7% DPS)
    This is build [C] and results in roughly 1220 WDPS, with 580 BDPS.
  • Anything else
    This is the default build and results in roughly 1180 WDPS with 550 BDPS.
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