The AMD Encoder plugin for OBS Studio enables AMD GPU owners to use their GPUs to encode H.264 and H.265 video directly. It leverages the AMF SDK (and in older versions a Media Codec SDK), which enables direct integration of AMDs video engine into other Software. At the peak of its lifetime, the AMD Encoder was integrated into OBS Studio and became part of its core toolset.
Remove any kinds of noise from your recordings in post, with VoiceFX's noise removal based on the powerful NVIDIA Broadcast technology! Whether it is keyboard clacking, a vacuum, construction noise, or just ambient noise, VoiceFX can help restore just your own voice1. Available as both a VST2.x and a VST3.x plugin compatible with many VST hosts2.
Ocean Blue is a dark mode theme for OBS Studio with focus on visibility and clear visual grouping. I wanted to avoid making another gray or black theme, and tested a lot of different colors, finally ending up with a color that I can only describe as "Ocean Blue". This wasn't the only thing that needed to be different, I wanted something that set itself apart from other themes.
StreamFX is the premier plugin to OBS® Studio to take your stream or recording to the next level! Whether it is crafting advanced scene setups, recording in intermediate formats, bringing out a little bit of extra quality from encoders, StreamFX has everything you need. Bring your content creation to the future, no matter if you are a Power User or End User.