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I have a Garden. And a Camera.

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Started cleaning up my garden again as the ground isn’t frozen anymore and I can actually do work on everything again. So I took my Camera with me, and made some close (really still 80cm away) shots of things. I’m looking forward to owning an actual Macro lens for this purpose. Read more

OBS AMD Encoder Version 2.4.1 is out now!

It has been quite some time since the last update to the OBS AMD Encoder, there really wasn’t much to add or even do – primarily because the plugin is stable-ish and AMDs AMF SDK hasn’t really progressed a lot. Which means that this release is primarily aimed at further improving stability. Read more

AMF Encoder Plugin 2.2.x and AMD Driver 17.7.2

AMD released Driver 17.7.2 into the wild and with it came some much needed features and fixes. The plugin quickly followed suit and updated as well, allowing everyone using Open Broadcaster Software Studio to easily use their Hardware for encoding. Let’s take a look at what really changed. Read more