Cryptocurrency: The biggest scam in Digital History so far

In the far far future of 2022 crypto-currency has taken the world by storm. People are enamored with its potential, especially the blockchain, and try to integrate it into every aspect of their life. Friends and family are indoctrinated into the crypto-currency world until they too start bringing more people into it. Everything can be bought, whether it is legal or illegal, moral or amoral, helps or harms - nothing controls crypto-currency. You could almost call it a cult, a pyramid scheme or even an MLM. Unfortunately, this is not the far far future, this is the present.

If you've never heard of crypto-currency, good you managed to avoid catching a deadly harmful disease that will never let you go unharmed. If you're already invested in it, I congratulate you on your "I'm stupid and gambled away my life savings" badge that you got when you joined the cult. To everyone else, welcome to the future of the Internet - Web3.0, the internet everyone helped create. Hope you liked Ads, 'cause it's about to get much worse before it will ever get better - or rather if. Most likely it will not, since the entire world has doomed itself to capitalism with no alternatives allowed.

Originally crypto-currency was a good idea, but it quickly spiralled out of control as greed set in. The cost of mining any crypto-currency is currently enough to single-handedly accelerate all life on earth towards an early death, but that's just an acceptable cost of greed it seems. Same with the novelty coins, every week a new one appears, and just as fast someone pulls the rug on a different novelty coin for a few 100k to a million USD. The current fad is NFTs, jump on NFTs while they're worth something, sell for lots of money before the world realises that a descriptor in some blockchain is absolutely worthless - even if you destroy the original.

It was bad enough when it was just a few small fish joining into the scam, but now huge companies are jumping in too. And I'm very disappointed that it has even gotten this far. Anyway, enjoy your stay in Web3.0, you'll be indoctrinated into the cult very soon - whether you want it or not. I can only hope that this will be a temporary fad that dies out once governments stop being stuck in the 1920s.

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