Ocean Blue, an eye friendly OBS Studio Theme

Ocean Blue is a dark mode theme for OBS Studio with focus on visibility and clear visual grouping. I wanted to avoid making another gray or black theme, and tested a lot of different colors, finally ending up with a color that I can only describe as "Ocean Blue". This wasn't the only thing that needed to be different, I wanted something that set itself apart from other themes.

My second goal was to improve the visual structure of the user interface as much as possible. This meant unifying the spacing (or padding) of elements, resizing them to fit the expected layouts, and other adjustments. For example, property groups are now clearly visible, instead of just being a thin almost invisible line.

These two goals resulted in something that I can only describe as a theme that is directly oriented at content creators.

Download & Source Code

This theme, including the source code for it, is available on Github for free. If you deem this Theme useful, consider supporting me on Patreon, Github, or Twitch.

Screenshots & Media

Main Window
General Settings
Output Settings
Text Source Properties