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The NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK gives you everything you need to rise above the noise every time. AI-powered noise removal filters both incoming and outgoing audio to make every conversation crystal-clear. No special equipment required.

VoiceFX is a VST 2.x and VST 3.x plug-in enabling you to clean up noise and echo from recordings in post-processing1 workflows. It is based on NVIDIA Broadcast SDKs, and as such is able to filter out fan noise, keyboard clicking, and a lot of other unwated noise. At the current time it is compatible with a number of VST 2.x and 3.x hosts, but may not work with all of them2.

Compare Features between Demo and Full

The table below explains the differences between each version, as well as what is planned for the future. Please note that this is not a guarantee, as sometimes features end up impossible upon closer inspection.

Feature Demo Version Full Version
VST 3.x Support ✔ (v0.1) ✔ (v0.1)
VST 2.x Support ✔ (v0.3) ✔ (v0.2)
Noise Removal1 ✔ (v0.3) ✔ (v0.3)
Room Echo Removal3 ✔ (v0.4)
Acoustic Echo Removal3
Intensity Control ✔ (v0.4)
Automation ✔ (v0.4)
User Interface
  1. A volume difference between voice and noise of 25 dBFS or more may be required for ideal results. The effect will try its best to remove noise, but is not magic and may fail under certain conditions.
  2. Most VST 2.x and 3.x hosts will work, however some hosts do unnatural modifications to sandbox plug-ins, which will break VoiceFX. A notable examples is DaVinci Resolve, but more are listed here.
  3. Room/Acoustic Echo Removal may misidentify your own voice as an echo and remove it.