Privacy Policy

Who we are

Xaymar is a private person from Germany, otherwise known as Michael Fabian Dirks.

Why do we collect data, and what is collected?

Xaymar collects data in order to keep the services running and working fine. This data includes: Your current IP Address (IPv4 or IPv6), the port you connected to, the protocol used, any information relevant to the SSL/TLS connection, Cookies and browsing data on This data is necessary to ensure basic functionality, as otherwise you wouldn't be able to even read this text.


This website may use Cookies to provide basic functionality, such as Accounts, Cross-Site Request Forgery protection, and more.

Embedded Content from other Websites

Services on this website may opt to embed content from third party providers, which will behave as if you visited the third party provider's website. These websites may collect additional data over which Xaymar has no control or place and use Cookies, and even embed even more third party provider content. The embedded third party providers are listed further down.

How long do we retain your data

Unless otherwise required, all data is deleted within the same year of it being acquired - usually even within the same week in order to save space. On average, collected data lasts no more than 7 weeks total, after which it is overwritten with new data.

What rights you have over your data

You can request that your collected data is manually deleted by sending an E-Mail with the title GDPR Right to Forget. Please provide as much information as you can to confirm your identity on services provided by us, and we will happily comply with deleting data that is not automatically deleted, such as accounts, comments and similar.

Contact information

If you need to contact us about your data, send us an E-Mail to privacy(at)xaymar(dot)com.

How we protect your data

All non-anonymized data is protected behind 4096-bit SSH keys, hashed, or even encrypted, depending on the service you used. For example, passwords are not stored in cleartext, but as a hash. For third party integrations, refer to their privacy policy instead.

What data breach procedures we have in place

If a data breach happens, we'll inform you about it and reset your passwords. The affected service will be temporarily or permanently offline, depending on how we feel about the service's lifespan. For third party integrations, refer to their privacy policy instead.

Embedded Services