A little bit of Silence

For a few weeks now I’ve taken a step back from the public eye, for various reasons. The main one is that I simply need some more time to myself, time to enjoy life a bit more than I used to. I’m barreling straight towards my 30s, and haven’t even experienced half of what I could have at this age, despite having the means to do so. So in the near, and perhaps far future, I will put a lot more focus on enjoying life.

The people that follow me on Twitter know that I’ve recently picked up a new hobby, which I’ll put a lot of time into: playing bass guitar. I’ve gotten reasonably far with it so far, but I still need a lot of time to actually be decent at it. Also I’ve started to pick up streaming and content creation again, both something I liked to do, but dropped as nobody in my friend circle still had time to play multiplayer games.

Originally, my hobby was programming, but it was more of a means to escape reality than anything – and now it has turned into a well-paying job, one I’m actually good at. This doesn’t mean that all my projects will end up abandoned, just that they will slow down drastically while I figure things out. StreamFX, VoiceFX, Tonbrett, ARMA 3 Partitioner, etc. will all still be worked on, just much slower than before.

One thing I’m definitely not going to do is drop any of those projects before they hit 1.0, I’ve done that too many times, and I’ve regretted it every time. I’m sure that someone will spin this to be super negative, or political, or somehow fit their narrative like many times before, but this is just me saying I need a fucking break and enjoy this life before it can’t be enjoyed anymore due to various external circumstances, like Climate Change, and the current Pandemic killing everyone.

Well, that’s all I had to say.

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