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Getting Xen to run on UEFI

One thing ahead of time: I fucking hate Xen when it has to run on UEFI hardware. There is almost no documentation on xen.efi and how to get it (you have to build it yourself – or rely on it randomly appearing in /boot). But once it’s running it’s probably worth it. And no, Legacy Boot is not an option unless you know a way to generate a MBR boot partition that works on a GPT formatted disk (It’s bigger than 2 TB). Read more

Permalinks (SEO) and WordPress

It seems that WordPress can’t handle being in a subdirectory which is also a sub-domain. I can’t explain it’s behaviour with any other words. If you know a solution to this (mine is to hardcode a redirect replace in wp-includes/canonical.php) please let me know, this issue doesn’t sound like they intended it to happen. In the mean time, I’m going back to the old classic numerical urls. I wonder why WordPress just won’t implement a ?/url/ style… Read more

Update: Sirius Online needs Voice Actors!

I felt an update was in order after some time to inform you that the call for voice actors is still out there. If you’ve got a voice, can speak lines in a way that is humanly understandable and appropriate for situations, then you might be the person we are looking for! This is an update to an earlier post, if you haven’t read that one, head over there now. Read more

SSL/HTTPS – Let’s Encrypt vs CAcert

Those that open this page using HTTPS instead of HTTP will notice that there is a warning that your connection isn’t private. This is due to the CAcert certificate authority not being trusted, which can be easily fixed by installing their root certificates. But there’s an alternative out there now, Let’s Encrypt. “Why have you not switched yet?” you ask. Here’s why. Read more