The End of 32-Bit Releases

The 64-Bit architecture has been dominating the market for Games for a while, and I don't see the point in supporting 32-Bit anymore. The 32-Bit architecture has added nothing but problems, especially user created ones which don't understand what a 4GB RAM limitation is, and it's also annoying to deal with as some bugs are exclusive to 32-Bit.

So I've decided to stop releasing 32-Bit binaries, as it is just annoying to deal with. There's no reason to limit myself to a more restrictive architecture, just because some users are stuck with devices that only ship 32-Bit drivers - not my problem, fix your devices or write your own drivers that are 64-Bit compatible.

In case you are currently using a 32-Bit Windows, or 32-Bit OBS Studio, I urge you to seriously consider using a 64-Bit Windows or OBS Studio. You are just limiting yourself by not doing so, for no reason either.

Xaymar out.

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