More Random Satisfactory Stuff

3D Factorio, or more commonly known as Satisfactory, has been my go-to game for this weekend and likely will be for all future weekends once the Early Access is open. Here's some more things I've discovered throughout the game.

Power Slugs have different Tiers

There are currently three accessible Power Slub tiers: Green (Tier 1), Yellow (Tier 2) and Purple (Tier 3). Each Tier gives a different amount of Power Shards, and each increase in the Tiers is also much more difficult to find. Tier 1 Slugs give 1 Power Shard, Tier 2 Slugs give 2 Power Shards and Tier 3 Slugs give 5 Power Shards.

In my entire play time, I've found a total of three Purple Power Slugs, and only two of them are within an Area that I can actually reach.

Host and Client have different Mechanics

This is likely to be fixed in the future, but this means that clients (players) can interact with things in a different way than the host (main player) does. Things that crash the host don't crash if a client does it, and the client can open crafting benches and storage boxes that the host has open.

That means that the Hard Drive Discovery crash does not happen if a client selects the recipe, allowing you to progress just a little bit further. Clients may also be able to select Tier 4 through 6, but that is a rare bug, and finishing these seems to corrupt the save file permanently.


You may not initially want to do it, but once you reach Stackable Poles, vertical building becomes your friend. You can stuff a lot of things into a vertical block that wouldn't fit as a flat plane anywhere, and it makes things a ton easier if you actually do move things into a vertical layout. Just make sure you give yourself enough room to work.

One of the layers of my Iron production line

Dropped Items can be a Temporary Platform

If you just need to get there quickly, Leaves and other Items can be dropped in small stacks to create a platform that you can collide with and stand on. Use this to quickly get up somewhere without wasting a ton of cement in the process. This only works if there is no ground in range vertically.

Leaves used as a temporary wasteless bridge.

Work-In-Progress Mercer Spheres

These Spheres have dialog that is spoken to players in the area, which seems to change depending on the distance to the sphere. If you're within range, they'll say one of the following lines:

  • Harvest.
  • Harvest. It!
  • Comply!
  • I strongly advice you to harvest this specimen.
  • Your contract legally compels you to harvest this artifact.
  • You are so lucky that you found this most valuable artifact.
  • Picking up multiple FICSIT personell in the area. Proceed with harvest before it's too late.
  • Breaking news form Earth: Widespread chaos and mayhem. World president urges all citizens to do their part and harvest alien artifacts.
  • Relaying message: Hello this is patrol figure. I have taken ill and need your help to find a cure. Doctors say that the only remedy is alien artifacts.
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