New Year, New Website

It's been a while since the last visible change to the Website, almost exactly two years now. In 2019, I switched the theme back to a more lightweight version with the old 2016 CSS override applied, but eventually that was no longer enough. Over time, WordPress's updates spiralled out of my control, changing how WordPress worked - and at the same time also drastically increasing processing time required.

While the move to a more powerful machine initially improved the situation, after a few updates to WordPress even that was negated. It was time to find an alternative solution, one which would not take ages to compile a static page to be served live. Looking through solutions, including some outright dumb ones, I ended up picking Jeckyll for the job. It took me a while to learn, but I've finally mastered it enough to make my own fully static website with it.

So, welcome to the new site! I hope you will find everything you were here for, if not the old blog will still be active while I port things over to here.

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