A look into VoiceFX v0.3.0

This release was plagued with odd bugs, reappearing problems, and delays from real life events happening to me. But now, after several months of nothing, VoiceFX v0.3.0 is available! Why not delve into what exactly was changed, with some visual examples?

Loading the effect should now be much faster!

Earlier VoiceFX versions had a bug that would cause VoiceFX to re-initialize everything every time the VST host sent any command to it, until the moment it was supposed to start processing. On some VST hosts, this was so bad that users reported VoiceFX freezing their system for minutes as the VST host was spamming a lot of commands. This is now a thing of the past, and initialization is only done once, resulting in a load time reduction of up to 75%!

Significant reduction in Reset times!

If you've used VoiceFX, you may already have experienced in how slow VoiceFX can be when restarting playback, or seeking within a file. In the worst cases, you could end up spending more than a minute for multi-channel audio, or much longer with multiple instances of VoiceFX. In rare cases, it might have even led to a frozen system that needed to be restarted.

This is now a thing of the past! Thanks to help from NVIDIA, resetting VoiceFX by seeking or restarting playback is now super fast. So fast that it was difficult to measure how much faster it was on a NVIDIA RTX 3090 unless I put some stressful load on the GPU. And the best of it all? This has no impact on quality!

v0.3.0b3 and earlier
v0.3.0 and beyond

Split VST3.x and 2.x Installers

Since users often had a mixed bag of VST hosts, some 3.x and 2.x, I originally created a binary that had both APIs supported. This turned out to be extremely user unfriendly, as users had to choose which VST host could see it, and which couldn't. With the new separate installers for either VST 3.x or 2.x version, users can now choose which VST host should be able to see it, or if it should just be available for both!

Other Changes

Log files!

There is of course some smaller changes, which don't really need a whole section, but still need to be mentioned:

  • Non-specification-compliant VST 3.x hosts should now have less issues with the effect, but are still not ideal for using the effect.
  • VoiceFX now generates log files at %LOCALAPPDATA%\VoiceFX\logs, which will be used to help users with issues. At the moment these log files are not automatically deleted, so it may be necessary to occasionally clear that directory, but this will eventually be automated.
  • The identifier of the VSTs were changed to match the actual plugin name and author, so existing setups may break.

Some final Words

I've released VoiceFX on itch.io where you can now buy the paid version, without going through Patreon or GitHub. While I can't promise an actual release cycle - I'm just a single person working on many things plus my actual job - I can promise that you won't miss out on actual updates. Some testing version may however not be uploaded to itch.io when they are immediately nuked due to a critical bug.

Anyway, that was all I had to say. Go grab the lastest versions from my Website, itch.io or from my Discord!

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