High Quality Recordings with x264 (in OBS® Studio)

The x264 encoder supports both 4:4:4 as well as 4:2:0, as long as the underlying hardware is fast enough to handle it. It also has two different ways to reach each quality level: Constant Quantization Parameter (CQP) and Constant Rate Factor (CRF). Unfortunately OBS Studio only offers the latter, so for now we are stuck with that. With a single-PC setup, 4:4:4 recording using CRF will be very expensive. You might have to lower the preset used in order to maintain reasonable performance in game and encodes.

Option Lossless Near Lossless Indistinguishable High Quality Acceptable Quality
Rate Control CRF
CRF 0 0 8 16 21
Keyframe Interval 1
Preset ultrafast - placebo (Slower presets may end up smaller, but take significantly more CPU)
Profile None None or high
Tune None Any (Ensure that your tune matches up with your target content, or leave at None)
x264 Options bframes=0 keyint=1 min-keyint=1
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