What happened to the Video Encoding Samples project?

Due to the new GPU generations being released by the two major vendors (and soon three major vendors), I've currently put the project on indefinite hold. The current discoveries still hold for all existing encoders, which makes newer tests unnecessary for the time being. Even the early runs have not resulted in different settings compared to before.

For the time being, I've left the old data online, while I quietly work on making a new, more user friendly version possible. Perhaps I will even allow user submissions in order to increase the number of tested GPUs, but that requires a lot of hosting storage.

For those that have not been around for a long time, the Video Encoding Samples project is a simple database of encoding results compared to the original footage with PSNR, SSIM and VMAF. It is the project that has resulted in the ultimate NVENC settings, and also resulted in a lot of yelling at a certain vendor to finally stop dawdling around.

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