Stream Effects is now available! (OBS Studio)

Last Friday I released OBS Stream Effects to the public and today I want to show you what cool things you can do to your recordings or streams with it. Let's begin.

3D Transform

We'll start off with the most basic Filter '3D Transform' which gives you the ability to turn your normally 2D-ish scene into almost full 3D at very little cost. It's settings are very similar to those you would find in a 3D editor which means that you can position, rotate, shear and scale sources in addition to selecting how the source should be transformed, as both Perspective and Orthographic transform is supported.

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The second filter of the current set allows you to blur out possibly bad content, create blurred dynamic backgrounds and more. Just be careful to not use this on sensitive information as it is a non-destructive process, which means that "dedicated" viewers will be able to recreate the original information.

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Displacement Mapping

The final filter currently in the plugin allows you to create effects that rely on displacing the pixel to be rendered to another location. It takes a simple normal map as input and will produce results based on that.

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Future Plans

Of course the plugin is far from done. It has just the bare minimum of effects currently in it and there's much more planned, such as:
  • Custom Shader Filter - Make your own Filter in seconds instead of spending hours writing an OBS plugin.
  • Custom Shader Transition - The above but for Transitions!
  • 3D Transitions - Our lovely Windows Movie Maker transitions now also for OBS Studio!
  • Flow Mapping Filter - Simulate flowing parts of your background without it actually being animated!
  • Enhancements to Blur Filter - Better performance with Box, Gaussian and Bilateral blur.
  • Source Input for Displacement Mapping - Animate your displacement mapping with another source!
  • Source Mirror - Duplicate your sources without there actually being a second source!
  • And more - send me your ideas and I might implement them in a future version!


As with previous projects, the downloads and source are available on GitHub for everyone. Early builds generated by the CI server are also available on AppVeyor here. Finally for those not trusting direct links to GitHub or AppVeyor, there is the OBS Forum Resource submission here.

And with that said it's time for me to go back to my projects. I hope that you'll find these useful and I look forward to what you all come up with!

- Xaymar

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