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Stream Effects (for OBS Studio)

Stream Effects is an extension to OBS Studio that adds new sources, filters and transitions, such as 3D Transform, Blur, Glow, Outline, Shadows and more effects. Gain a production quality advantage over other Streamers and Influencers with better and real-time effects!

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Blur (Filter)

Apply a real-time capable blur to any source or scene you want, with an optional clipping mask that can be driven by another scene, source, image or manual region! Supports various blur types that result in different images, at different GPU and CPU usage cost.

Dynamic Mask (Filter)

Mask any Source or Scene using any other Source or Scene to create complex visual effects, such as a ghostly appearance instead of a solid webcam, overlaying multiple animated videos to create a new effect, and really anything you can think of!

3D Transform (Filter)

Rotate, Skew, Scale and Move any Source or Scene in 3D space, using either Perspective or Orthographic camera. Create your own 3D-ified Scene instead of just having everything be 2D like the old days.

Signed Distance Field Effects (Filter)

Apply inner or outer glow, inner or outer shadows, or even an outline to any partially transparent source or scene! This filter uses signed distance fields to create the illusion of a glow, shadow or outline with the settings you give it.

Source Mirror (Source)

Create a copy of any source, even if they can’t have a copy! Using this source you can have two Video Capture Device sources in the same scene using the same camera, both with different filters, or even mirror audio to another output to apply filters to it!



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