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OBS FFmpeg Encoders

Gone are the days of limited or complex encoder UIs, here are the days of simple and easy to use FFmpeg encoders! This plugin adds many of the FFmpeg encoders to the normal Output for streaming and recording, allowing you to easily get started with better control over encoding.

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  • Apple ProRes Encoder (by Anatoliy Wasserman)
    • Multi-Threading Support (Frame Threading)
    • Profiles: 4:2:2 Lite, 4:2:2 Proxy, 4:2:2 Standard, 4:2:2 High Quality, 4:4:4 Standard
  • Nvidia NVENC Encoders (H264/AVC and H265/HEVC)
    • Semi-Hardware and Full-Hardware Encoding
    • All NVENC options exposed:
      • Profile, Level, Tier (Tier only for HEVC)
      • Rate Control Mode, Two Pass, Look-Ahead Frame Count
      • Adaptive I- and B-Frame Insertion
      • Bitrate, QP Values, Quality Min/Max/Target
      • Spatial & Temporal Adaptive Quantization
      • B-Frames and B-Frame Reference Mode
      • Zero Latency, Weighted Prediction, Non-Ref P-Frames
  • Control Key-Frame distance accurately, either using Seconds or # of Frames.
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