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Rant: My stance on bans for Online Behaviour

It’s repeatedly been an outrage to permanently ban someone for behaviour online that would not be accepted in real life (threatening, telling people to kill themselves, etc). But why? What do you, as a player, have to gain from defending that kind of behaviour? The only thing that you have to gain is a toxic community – and nobody wants a toxic community.

I believe that you should be held accountable for all your online behaviour – even if you are anonymous, you should not behave like a dick. Do you behave like that in real life? What do other people think of you? Do you just not care?

That is the stance I have on bans for bad online behaviour and I’ll be employing this stance in my own games too. Behave like a dick, get perma-banned to oblivion. I don’t need a toxic player base, I’d rather have a friendly one – even if that means it’s going to be smaller.

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