Almost three years have passed since I did my original full hardware encoder showdown, and the field has changed drastically since then. NVIDIA brought out the Turing and Ampere architecture, AMD finally designed a useful GPU architecture, and even Intel is entering the market now. Finally no longer a Red vs Green battle, but a Red vs Green vs Blue - the full RGB experience! But also due to that, my data is now well beyond outdated, and its time to refresh.
All the way back in December 2020, I decided it was time to try out how far AV1 had progressed. At the time, SVT AV1 was the only encoder that produced reasonable results with near realtime performance, however that has changed now. A lot of work went into AOM AV1, and it is now capable of encoding in the “frames per second” realm instead of “frames per minute”. So why not take another look at things?