The Story Of A Real And Virtual Move

Oh man it’s been a while since I wrote anything. Work keeps you busy, life always wants something and then there’s other things that need to be done. Like moving into a new home and at the same time also moving the servers into a new home. And that’s exactly what I did for two weeks now… Read more

Encoder Plugin Version is out now!

The day has come where setting up the AMD encoder no longer takes any effort and can be done in less than 5 minutes. brings a fresh new UI that unifies all encoder interfaces and makes it incredibly simple to get started even when using Advanced Output Mode in OBS. And it only took a whole month to plan and work on! Read more

Continuing work on Sirius Online

Remember Freelancer? Sirius Online is like that, but unfortunately is also plagued by problems with it’s aging engine. Back when I worked together with vektorDex on it, I suggested an engine upgrade, but unfortunately I was interrupted by school. I started working on that, but had to stop. Until now, that is. With the VCE plugin being almost complete, I have the time to work on a commercial project again – that being Sirius Online. That means you can expect many posts about Sirius Online instead of the VCE plugin in the future, since it will now be the primary focus. For the Patrons it means that your funds will still go to whatever projects are currently active – I will still fix bugs in VCE, handle support where I’m able to, report driver bugs to AMD and all the stuff. I will just do that slightly less often that before now. I hope to see Sirius Online grow into a really big game in the future and hopefully get a large Studio & Publisher to back it. Read more