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The future of AMD Encoder: HEVC on RX 4xx, Pre-Pass, VBAQ and more!

AMD released version 1.4 of the AMF SDK back in January and I quickly got to work familiarizing myself with the changes and new sample tools. I did some rather extreme tests with the encoder, which resulted in me reporting 8 Issues to the AMF Issue Tracker – mostly GPU crashes or encoding failures. But with that out of the way, Patrons have now finally received the first official pre-release build, just as I promised back in December 2016. But what’s actually inside? Read more

What is the fastest way to get an Inverse Square Root? (Part 2)

Part 1: What is the fastest way to get an Inverse Square Root? Last time I covered what the fastest way was for single precision floating point, but what about double precision floating point numbers? Do they behave the same or will we run into even more issues on older hardware? Since the market starts looking towards 128-bit integers and quad precision floating point numbers, it’s time to also test this one while it’s still ‘fresh’. Read more

Continuing work on Sirius Online

Remember Freelancer? Sirius Online is like that, but unfortunately is also plagued by problems with it’s aging engine. Back when I worked together with vektorDex on it, I suggested an engine upgrade, but unfortunately I was interrupted by school. I started working on that, but had to stop. Until now, that is. With the VCE plugin being almost complete, I have the time to work on a commercial project again – that being Sirius Online. That means you can expect many posts about Sirius Online instead of the VCE plugin in the future, since it will now be the primary focus. For the Patrons it means that your funds will still go to whatever projects are currently active – I will still fix bugs in VCE, handle support where I’m able to, report driver bugs to AMD and all the stuff. I will just do that slightly less often that before now. I hope to see Sirius Online grow into a really big game in the future and hopefully get a large Studio & Publisher to back it. Read more