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Stream Effects (for OBS Studio)

Stream Effects is an OBS Studio Plugin that adds new Sources, Filters and Transitions to OBS Studio. Enhance your Stream with all new effects, such as Blur, 3D Transform & more and gain an advantage over other Streamers with higher quality streams!

Installer | Archive (.zip) | Archive (.7z)
Release Notes | Get Support | Source Code

Screenshots & Media

New Sources

Source Mirror

Create a copy of any Source or Scene and apply additional effects to both video and audio, without affecting the original! Gone are the days of complex scenes, as you can now just create a Source Mirror which is able to do the exact same thing with less complexity.

New Filters

3D Transform

A popular request for OBS Studio is now available as a filter for you to use, move, rotate, scale and shear your Source in 3D space at will! Create reflections of your video camera on a floor, table, or place your video camera in a room – the possibilities are endless and you can choose what you want to do! It can even generate mipmaps for the transformed source to reduce aliasing on sharp angles or squished sources, to further improve quality.


Blur out any unwanted content with this simple trick! This Filter allows you to apply various kinds of blur to any Source, even directional blur (often called motion blur)!

Warning: Blurring is a non-destructive process, the source image can be restored to some degree. Do not use this to hide sensitive information, like clear-text passwords, bank information or credit card information. You have been warned.

Signed Distance Field Effects

Add a shadow to any Source you wish to have a shadow for, optionally even a shadow in the Source! Doesn’t matter what kind of Source, just add this Filter and you’re ready to have a Drop Shadow or an Inset Shadow, or even both!

Displacement Mapping

Displace the pixels of the Source, in any way you want – create a whirl, zoom in, whatever your input normal map can do will happen with this Filter.

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