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Library: BlitzExtensions

BlitzExtensions is a group of User Libraries for the Blitz2D, Blitz3D and BlitzPlus languages. It brings additions such as SQLite support, multiple Type Lists, Pointers to Functions and Variables and more. It is made out of multiple modules, which work together due to their nature of being self contained. BlitzPointer adds Pointers to the language. Due to the nature of the Blitz languages, calls to Function-Pointers must be using StdCall and have the correct amount of parameters, otherwise a Stack corruption will happen, which can’t be recovered from normally. Variable Pointers need a proxy variable to store the result of the operation and can potentially cause unexpected crashes. Very experimental. BlitzSteam is a Wrapper around the Steamworks framework, exposing all C++-only features to users of the C-only Blitz language. It was used in Sirius Online before the decision was made to switch to Unreal Engine 4. BlitzUtility adds a lot of features to the Blitz language. Most used are the features to intercept WindowMessages, create custom Type Lists, use 64-bit types and fast creation of unique indices. Additionally it gave the ability to use SQLite, however it was discontinued before the support was completely done.


Status: Discontinued Link: https://github.com/Xaymar/BlitzExtensions
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