As my upgrade to an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is finally complete, I had my old AMD ThreadRipper 1950X left over. While it wasn't the perfect gaming or compute CPU, it deserved to live on for pretty much solo-ing the entire workload I've given it up until now.
After many people have started calling Stream Effects "Stream Elements", I have decided to rename Stream Effects to StreamFX. StreamFX still means Stream Effects, but it is much simpler to remember and not as easily confused with Stream Elements.
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Ensuring that Content Creators get a Crash-free StreamFX experience was a challenge. It took two years to get here, and now the plugin itself is likely more stable than OBS Studio itself. And with StreamFX 0.8.0 Alpha 1 (pre-release, not production ready) being available right now, everyone can enjoy it. But let's talk about what the past was, and what caused things to go wrong.
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I've been playing Satisfactory for about the entire time that it's been in Open Alpha now (and also have it preordered), and found some vaguely interesting things - from unexpected game mechanics, to really cool discoveries. Let's take a look at what we might also see in Early Access of the game!
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