OBS Stream Effects v0.4.1 (Release)

OBS Stream Effects Version 0.4.1 is now available and it fixes the 32-Bit crash as well as�improving overall performance and stability. If you're currently on 0.4.0 or earlier, it's time to update!

Download:�On GitHub



  • Switched all filters and sources over to new initialization code.
  • Fixed a 32-bit crash on machines with CPUs capable of SSE caused by Vertex Buffers.
  • Reduced memory requirements of Vertex Buffers by ~60%.
  • Removed a superfluous reallocation, loop and copy from Vertex Buffers.


  • Improved initialization code to ease future development.
  • Fixed several possible crashes in the GS subsystem wrappers.
  • Fixed 'Blur' filter color being wrong due to non-power-of-two textures.
  • Improved 'Blur' filter error reporting for better debugging and support.
  • Fixed 'Blur' filter crashing OBS on GPU reset, better support for this is added in a future version of OBS.
  • Fixed 'Blur' filter occasionally just not working.
  • Added 'Source Mirror' source which allows you to add filters to a source without modifying it as well as rescaling it.
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