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Where the OBS AMD Encoder Is Heading

If you’ve actively watched the OBS AMD Encoder repository, you most certainly noticed a huge gap in code submissions and sudden bursts of commits now. This all has a reason.

The first thing you’ve likely noticed is that the repository is now owned and located in the obsproject Team. This has several reasons, some of them are for legal reasons, but the primary one is to keep all obs included things under the same ownership. I still maintain the repository, wiki and issue tracker, so not much changed here.

However, AMD finally released a new Driver and SDK which adds Vulkan and Linux support. Yes, you read right, after much asking AMD finally gave in and gave us Linux support for their AMF framework, even though it is limited to H264 and Vulkan at the current time. However that meant that a lot of code had to be cleaned up and made as portable as possible.

Which is where we are now. For a few weeks now, you’ve probably seen bursts of commits containing code fixes, code cleanup, build system improvements and CI changes, and most importantly the addition of the CppCheck CMake integration that Streamlabs has written. But now with all this behind us, there is the 2.5.0 release which updates Windows users to the latest AMF SDK version and has all the changes integrated. This is also the version that the next OBS Studio release will ship with if there are no important changes until then.

And of course, the future: Linux and Vulkan support. This is probably the biggest change I will have to do, but I hope that adding this support will bring Linux AMD encoding to the same level as Windows AMD encoding already is at.

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