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Bringing back life into your AMD Encoder! (AMF Encoder Plugin v2.1.2)

Gone are the days of boring bland partial range recordings, here are the days of full range videos! With 2.1 the plugin implements several much wanted features, upgrading a few features from experimental to normal use and fixing a bunch of potential bugs.

Full range color allows for a better representation of vibrant scenes, showing color gradients much smoother and representing dark and bright areas better in addition to removing color banding. This will produce better quality for recordings and high bitrate (6000kbit and up), helps with games relying on colors that would otherwise end up being merged with another color.

Another change is the addition of a custom I-, P-, B- and Skip-period and -interval, which allow for a much more fine-grained control over the encoded output. I-, P- and B-Period/Interval allow specifying exactly which frames are going to be of what type while Skip-Period/Interval allows simulating a lower output framerate – for example for recording at 144 fps and streaming at ~30 fps you would set Skip-Period to 5 (Skip-Interval to 0.03472) and that would leave you with a 28.8 fps stream.

Other changes include a crash fix due to OBS calling functions on destroyed encoder instances, a fix for B-Frames halving the output fps, certain properties not being applied, translations not being up to date and the internal encoding loop causing issues on CPUs that have issues with solving boolean equations (which surprisingly seems to be Intel only).


  • Fixed full range color causing crushed blacks and whites.
  • Further improved the internal main encoding loop code.
  • Updated Translations from CrowdIn.
  • Fixed plugin starting encoding before encoder is actually ready.
  • Fixed some properties not being applied.
  • Fixed B-Frames not working properly. (#234)
  • Added experimental I/P/B/Skip Period and Interval. (#220)
  • Fixed a possible crash with OBS calling functions on a destroyed instance.

Download: On Github

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