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The Encoder Rebirth Update (OBS Studio AMD Encoder Plugin v1.9.9.6)

Today I bring you one of the only public pre-releases that are going to happen, as everything else requires AMD to release a Driver which fixes the AMF runtime and firmware. But enough of me, here’s the update which is the true star of this post: – The Encoder Rebirth Update

“And on the third month after the last patch, the encoder shall be reborn!” – These Patch Notes
And with that said, the AMD Encoder Plugin makes a big return, bringing with it much needed performance and latency improvements, HEVC Encoder support, Pre-Pass Mode, VBAQ and many more improvements and fixes. Two of the mos

Advanced Video Coding (AVC) Encoder

The AVC Encoder has seen a much needed update, reducing encoding latency and CPU usage while keeping the same performance as before. While new stable settings have been added (Pre-Pass Mode, VBAQ), some unstable settings (Intra-Refresh, Slicing) had to be removed. But fear not, they shall come back!

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Encoder

With the release of Polaris and 17.2.1, AMDs Hardware HEVC Encoder and Decoder is finally usable and why would we not want to use it? HEVC is a significantly better looking Codec than AVC and VP9 at any bitrate. That’s why the plugin now also offers a fully configurable HEVC, with all the features AMD offers – Pre-Pass, VBAQ, Low Latency Usage Modes, etc!

So what are you waiting for? Update today!1
1. Update includes a free performance improvement.

Changelog ->

  • Changed: ‘VBAQ’ now defaults to Enabled for AVC and HEVC.
  • Fixed: Crash when logging due to invalid access.
  • Fixed: Automatic VBV Buffer causing Constant QP to not work. ->

  • Changed: ‘Filler Data’ now defaults to Enabled for HEVC.
  • Fixed: Encoder should no longer cause an error due to Filler Data. (Driver 17.2.1 and above) ->

  • Fixed: Timestamps in encoded content should now be correct.
  • Fixed: Rare crash due to use of non-thread-safe mbstowcs.
  • Fixed: Typo in english locale. ->

  • Fixed: Duplicate setting of Rate Control Method causing odd behaviour.
  • Fixed: Automatic VBV Buffer causing Constant QP to not work.
  • Changed: ‘Filler Data’ and ‘Enforce HRD’ now default to Disabled for HEVC.
  • Changed: ‘GOP Size’ defaults to Frame Rate for HEVC.
  • Changed: ‘Automatic’ VBV Buffer with Constant QP is now linear instead of semi-linear like Variable and Constant Bitrate use. ->

  • Changed: AVC Preset ‘High Quality’ to use a fixed QP of 18/18/18.
  • Changed: AVC Preset ‘Indistinguishable’ to use a fixed QP of 15/15/15.
  • Fixed: HEVC now sets the correct Codec for ffmpeg.
  • Fixed: Don’t attempt to set Full Range Color for HEVC (HEVC only has Full Range).
  • Fixed: Green Blocks when using VBAQ and Constant QP (likely due to conflicting goals). ->

  • Removed: Aspect Ratio due to missing OBS property type.
  • Changed: Internal tracking of the “last” versions of settings.
  • Fixed: Crash due to non-initialized variable.

  • Added: HEVC Encoder for Polaris, Vega, etc.
  • Added: Pre-Pass Mode to AVC & HEVC Encoder.
  • Added: Variance Based Adaptive Quantization (VBAQ) to AVC & HEVC Encoder.
  • Changed: Improved speed by rewriting internal encoder code.
  • Changed: Massively reduced encoding latency by removing threaded submission and querying.
  • Changed: IDR Period now has a default of 0 (“Don’t Overwrite”).
  • Changed: Improved multi-GPU support with Direct3D9 and Direct3D11 backends.
  • Changed: Removed Intra-Refresh settings from AVC Encoder (temporarily).
  • Changed: Improved OpenCL Conversion & Submission by reducing state switches.
  • Fixed: Rare crash caused by translated text.
  • Fixed: Rare Crash in unexpected Direct3D11 and Direct3D9 environments.
  • Fixed: Crash on opening/closing OBS.
  • Fixed: Memory leak due to never freed memory.

Download: On GitHub

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