Full Multi-GPU Support And More! ( Update for the AMD Encoder Plugin)

Update: Two hotfixes have been released to fix additional issues. The download link has been updated.

Today is the day that users with a multi-GPU system can finally use their other GPUs for streaming and recording – and today is also the day that OBS Studio no longer crashes on startup! This update adds full support for multi-GPU systems, fixes the crash on startup bug, fixes Filler Data being stuck on Enabled, makes Delta QP available even when not using Constant QP, fixes some UI things and more.

I hope you’ll have as much fun using the plugin as I did creating it! On to the download:

Download: Hosted by GitHub

Patch Notes

With this update the encoder plugin now supports multi-GPU setups, such as RX 480 + R9 390, R9 285 + R9 290 and others. You can select which GPU to use with the Advanced View Mode. The UI will also now update according to the supported features of the selected GPU and by default uses the primary GPU. Unsupported features will be hidden, just like unused features.

The ‘Filler Data’ property has now been fixed, Delta QP for B-Pictures is now visible when not using Constant QP, ‘Memory Type’ and ‘Surface Format’ have been removed and ‘CABAC’ has been replaced with ‘Coding Type’. ‘Memory Type’ is now automatically using the best available and ‘Surface Format’ is taken from OBS settings.

Additionally a crash with AMD Hybrid/Switchable GPU setups was fixed and these systems should now be able to use the encoder. It will now default to using the best available AMD GPU in the system if it can detect it.


Due to the nature of changes since 1.3 users might experience that their settings have vanished or are incorrect. Please revalidate your settings or even create a clean profile to work off of.


  • (Hotfix 2) Fixed: Potential crash when opening the settings.
  • (Hotfix 1) Fixed: Presets were not being applied properly.
  • Added: Full multi-GPU encoding support.
  • Added: ‘Coding Type’ property which replaces ‘CABAC’.
  • Fixed: Filler Data was always being forced on for CBR.
  • Fixed: Users should now be able to modify Delta QP for B-Pictures even when not using Constant QP.
  • Fixed: Crash on OBS start on AMD Hybrid/Switchable GPU systems.
  • Changed: Default device is always the primary/best available AMD GPU in the system.
  • Changed: B-Picture properties will be properly hidden now if not in use.
  • Changed: B-Pictures defaults to 0 and B-Picture Reference defaults to Disabled.
  • Removed: ‘Memory Type’ property as the plugin will now always use the best available API.
  • Removed: ‘Surface Format’ property as the plugin will now use the OBS settings for this.
  • Removed: Deprecated encoder entry has been fully removed now.