AMD Encoder Plugin is out – Hotfix for a Hotfix for a Release!

Another hotfix is now available and it fixes issues with Constant QP and Automatic Profile Level selection. Some other fixes have also made it into this version.

Download: On GitHub

Patch Notes

Another update but this time it’s much smaller, it fixes the problem with Constant QP and Automatic Profile Level.


Due to the nature of changes in this update, your previous settings may end up lost or incorrect. Make sure to revalidate them before attempting to record or stream.


  • Fixed: Automatic Profile Level will no longer always pick ‘4.1’.
  • Fixed: Constant QP should now work properly again.
  • Fixed: Plugin should no longer leak memory when initialization fails.
  • Fixed: Intra-Refresh options should now actually work properly.
  • Changed: Tooltips are now slightly more accurate for Intra-Refresh encoding.
  • Changed: Adjusted the behaviour of some presets.
  • ‘Enforce HRD Compatibility’, ‘CABAC’ and ‘Quality Preset’ are no longer overridden by Presets. ‘Target Bitrate’ and ‘Peak Bitrate’ are now allowed within a certain range in ‘Twitch’, ‘YouTube’ and ‘Recording’ Presets. Twitch limits between 1.0 and 4.0 mbit/s, YouTube between 1.0 and 25.0 mbit/s, Recording accepts anything larger than 10.0 mbit/s.
  • Changed: OpenCL will be automatically disabled if not supported by the Memory Type.
  • Changed: Log output should now be less ambiguous.
  • Changed: Quality Preset option was moved further up in the UI.