Hotfix is out for the Encoder Plugin!

Turns out that some of the changes in caused exactly what I hoped it wouldn’t cause: crashing on systems with Windows 7 and older. This has now been fixed with the help of Jim (maintainer of OBS Studio).

Additionally some crashes have been fixed that were caused by incorrect default parameters which have been changed to the correct value now. Frame Rate & Size should also now be properly applied again.

As always, you can download it here from GitHub.

Patch Notes – The Oversight Fix

Sometimes your changes seem fine and then users happen. Have you ever had users happen? They break things in ways that you didn’t think was possible before! It’s insane!

This update aims to fix some of the reported issues in addition to making the user interface even simpler to use.


Due to the nature of changes in this update, your previous settings may end up lost or incorrect. Make sure to revalidate them before attempting to record or stream.


  • Fixed: Crash with default settings being used.
  • Fixed: Properties should now show the correct tooltip when hovered over.
  • Fixed: Frame Rate should now be applied properly again.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Windows 7 and older.
  • Changed: Default value for LTR Frames is now 0 for better compatibility.
  • Changed: Profile is now a Basic property.
  • Changed: Profile Level is now an Expert property to avoid user errors.
  • Changed: Min/Max QP is now considered an Advanced property to avoid user errors.
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