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Version of the Encoder Plugin has been released!

Version of the OBS Studio Encoder has just been released and it brings some great new features: Dynamic Reconfiguring, Automatic Profile Level selection and new updated Presets!

Update: has just been released, fixing some of the issues that occurred with this release. Get it here: https://github.com/Xaymar/OBS-AMD-Advanced-Media-Framework/releases/tag/

Automatic Profile Level

I’ve added a feature to automatically determine the correct Profile Level for the current Resolution and Frame Rate – you’ll no longer have to manually figure out which one is the correct one!
It works by calculating the expected samples per second and comparing this with the Rec. ITU-T H.264 (02/2016) level limits, finding the proper level and selecting it.

Dynamic Reconfiguring

One of the main features of AMDs encoder is that you can reconfigure it while it is already encoding – a feature that is rarely seen but really useful. You no longer have to stop your stream or recording to adjust your settings, just open up the encoder settings, change what you want and hit apply – and it’s applied to the live encoding session! Perfect for testing or adjusting live streams to the current needs of the situation.

Additionally to these two new Features

A lot of Presets have received updates. All presets will no longer override Advanced or Expert properties and use the new Automatic Profile Level. Other presets have been updated to be more efficient and compatible with the target use.

I hope that you’ll find these as useful as I do and with that I’m leaving you to to the

Changelog for (compared to

  • Fixed: Reduced CPU and UI load when changing options.
  • Changed: Language Files have been updated from CrowdIn.
  • Changed: All Presets no longer override Advanced and Expert parameters and now use to ‘Automatic’ Profile Level’
  • Changed: ‘Twitch’, ‘YouTube’ and ‘Recording’ Preset no longer override the ‘Quality Preset’ parameter.
  • Changed: ‘Twitch’ Preset Profile is now Main again.
  • Changed: ‘High Quality’ Preset QP changed from 16/18/21 to 16/21/26.
  • Changed: ‘Indistinguishable’ Preset QP changed from 11/13/16 to 11/16/21.
  • Changed: VBR_LAT no longer hides Peak Bitrate option.
  • Added: ‘Automatic’ Profile Level which will pick the correct level depending on framesize and framerate.
  • Added: [Advanced] interface now supports automatic VBV Buffer Size (set to 0).
  • Added: Dynamic Reconfiguring, which allows settings to be changed and applied during streaming/recording.

Downloads are distributed through GitHub.

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