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Version 1.3.0pre5 of the Advanced Media Framework plugin for OBS Studio is out now!

Hey guys,

it’s been a while since the last update, but now I have a brand new almost release candidate like version for you! Version 1.3.0pre5 comes with pretty new updates, such as automatic detection of proper Buffer Size in the Simple Interface, support for profile levels up to 6.2, automatic parameter correction and much more.

But the biggest main feature is that we’ve arrived in the Open Source future: It is no longer based on the outdated Media SDK and now uses the new AMF SDK! This change requires that you uninstall the old plugin first. If you installed it by extracting, delete any files or directories called win-amf – or just completely reinstall OBS Studio.

Anyway, let’s go into the details of what has changed.


Before installing this Version, please uninstall any previous versions. If you used the installer, it is as simple as using the Uninstaller entry it created. If you extracted it, you will need to manually remove the extracted files.



  • Changed: Loading of required libraries was changed to match AMF documentation.
  • Changed: Shared Encoder is now using new Library linking class and was rewritten from the ground up.
  • Changed: Advanced Encoder is temporarily unavailable.


  • Added: In depth AMF tracing to the OBS log files, allowing me to spot bugs much faster than before.


  • Added: Preset selection (Simple Interface).
  • Added: Profile Level selection (Simple Interface).
  • Added: Further capability logging to startup.
  • Fixed: SetRateControlSkipFrameEnabled (Option: Frame Skipping) will no longer override the Rate Control Method.
  • Fixed: Fixes for the threading model, higher framerates/resolutions should now be possible.
  • Fixed: Advanced Interface is available again.


  • Skipped pre4 due to major issues.
  • Added: Checkbox to enable in depth tracing, to be used when reporting errors and crashes.
  • Changed: Default AMF Trace level is now ERROR instead of TEST.
  • Changed: Profile Level now goes to 6.2 if a GPU ever supports it (matches AMF values).
  • Changed: Simple Interface will always use maximum available LTR frames, disabling B-Picture support.
  • Changed: Simple Interface will enforce HRD Compatibility restrictions.
  • Changed: Simple Interface will calculate the best Buffer Size for your stream based on your settings.
  • Updated: Languages en-US, vi-VI and es-ES have been updated.
  • Fixed: Max LTR Frames slider only goes up to 2.
  • Fixed: Log Spam due to getting stuck on AMF_REPEAT or AMF_INPUT_FULL.
  • Fixed: Crash in SetProfile and GetProfile internal functions.
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking Update Values from AMF.
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking Apply in Advanced Interface.
  • Fixed: Constant QP will now apply the correct values.

Get it here: AMD AMF Plugin for OBS Studio

Other News

I now have a Patreon of my own! Patrons(Supporters) get early access to new builds, ask me directly for help instead of using the Issue Tracker and can even ask me to help them through TeamViewer/VNC. Take a look at the Rewards if you wish to know more.

Aside from that, this plugin may soon be bundled alongside with OBS Studio!

Stream On,

- Xaymar

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