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Pokemon GO PSA: Don’t download APKs or Cheats

Hey guys, gals and anything that identifies in between either, just a quick PSA here: don’t download unverified APKs, Hacks or Cheats for Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO has grown really quickly in the past few weeks, because we’ve always dreamed of actually being the trainer instead of just controlling him/her. Now that we can, there are a few terrible people that abuse your willingness to get an edge over other people.

I’ve stumbled over GPS Spoofer, Gold & Stardust generators, “Pokehatchers” and more stuff while browsing now. All of those ship with one or more exploit toolkits, some even made it past the Play Store & App Store checks and are now available for everyone. Do not visit or download these things unless you are running your Browser inside a Sandbox. And even then only with NoScript or uBlock Origin active.

Stay safe, stay protected and don’t be like Team Rocket – play fair.

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