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Sirius Online needs Voice Actors!

Hey you! Yes you with your voice! Can you record voice lines without noise or other people in it? If yes, great, because we need voice artists!

Update: You can now find this over on our Studios Website!



Digital Dawn Studios, the Team behind Sirius Online needs Voice Artists for a future update to the game. If you have a voice, are capable of reading lines in a script, know your way around using a microphone and are available on a longer basis then you might just be the person we need!

Send us your application to info@digitaldawnstudios.com with a few of the following lines spoken and the example conversation below.

Update: This job will be pay by line (not by hour) and is bound by a contract and non-disclosure agreement. It will most likely be a long time job as voice lines may change during development.

Sample Lines

  • Welcome to Sirius Online!
  • Please pick your faction.
  • (Planet Control) Requesting permission to land.
  • (Player, AI) Requesting permission to dock.
  • (Station Control) Permission to dock granted, proceed to bay <Bay Number>.
  • (AI, being defended) You came just at the right time!
  • (AI, attacking) You’re going down!
  • (AI, attacking) Engaging enemy!
  • (AI, being attacked) We need immediate backup!
  • (AI, being attacked) Requesting backup!
  • (AI, being attacked) You fucked up now!
  • (AI, kill) Haha, look who’s still alive!
  • (AI, kill) Better luck next time! If you even make it back!
  • (AI, death) Why…
  • (AI, death) Oh shit noooooo-
  • (AI, death) Aw crap-
  • Numbers from 0-9, Letters from A-Z, the Symbols -, _ and /.
  • Greetings, <ID>!
  • Welcome, <ID>!
  • How was your flight?
  • Had a pleasant flight?
  • Made any profits?

Sample Conversation

  • (To Station) Requesting permission to dock.
  • (To Ship) Permission to dock granted, proceed to bay 6.
  • (To Station) Acknowledged, proceeding to bay 6.
  • (To Ship, upon successful dock) Welcome, A482-E292-Z893. How was your flight?

Voice Information

If you can’t come up with a voice to use, here’s some help for you:

  • militaristic, commanding
  • civilian
  • robot-like
  • crazy maniac
  • cat lady (no seriously do it, it’s gonna be hilarious)
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