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Solution for AMD Users with frequent Crashes

With AMD Crimson Drivers a bug resurfaced that was fixed for a long time: GPU driver crashing with shadows. It is to date unknown why exactly this happenes, but fear not, a solution has arrived!


All the Solutions below have been tested by one or more human beings with access to the same or similar hardware. Solutions may differ in results for everyone, so keep that in mind.

Downgrade your AMD Driver

Check what Graphics Core Next version your GPU has (List on Wikipedia) and downgrade to the respective Driver version. This fixes it for most people, but may break catastrophically if you update Windows.

Install Vulkan Beta Drivers (Results vary!)

Reported as working by some and not working by others, Vulkan Beta Drivers seem to solve it for good. Download, install, restart and the Issue should be gone.

Remove all Application Profiles (Results vary!)

Someone on Reddit suggested this if the crashes aren’t application specific but happen across all games. Simply remove all profiles so that only the global one remains, restart your system and it should work.

Set Surface Optimization to Off (Most promising so far!)

This one actually works wonders, but tanks the FPS in the engine (it disables texture conversion to a more GPU friendly format).

Tutorial: Downgrading AMD Drivers

Graphics Drivers are one of the most complex things to clean up without breaking something completely. That’s why we’ll use Tools given to us by others that have proven to work: AMD Clean Uninstall Utility and Display Driver Uninstaller.

Steps to downgrade

  1. Close all programs so that only the OS remains.
  2. Run AMD Cleanup Utility, wait until it is done (it will tell you). Do not restart.
  3. Run Display Driver Uninstaller and let it reboot into Safe Mode.
  4. Once in Safe Mode, wait for Display Driver Uninstaller to load.
  5. Set it to clean AMD Drivers and click “Clean and Restart”.
  6. Wait until Display Driver Uninstaller is done and you’re back in Normal Mode.
  7. Install the Driver you wish to downgrade to and restart one last time.
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